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Top Notch iPhone 4S Repair Penang – The Best Customer Care

440x330-iphone-5-mainBecause of its significantly more rapid processing capacity, the iPhone 4S can cope with the most complex multitasking. With this new iPhone 4S, what is called lag is now in the past.

Clients typically approach us for assistance in restoring their iPhone 4S. This is definite confirmation of people’s faith in the superior standard of our assistance. The professionals in Apple products have been there since the company commenced so they have all the technical know-how to handle your iPhone 4S.

iMalaysian.comguarantees that replacement parts of iPhone 4S are all nothing less than authentic. All iPhone 4S customers whose gadgets require replacement components can be assured that all components that supplies are legitimate. We absolutely do not use any fake components as we realize they will not operate as efficiently as the authentic Apple components.

As for warranty, we are more than happy to provide you an extra-long 90-day warranty period for all repairs and replacements conducted. The warranty will provide clients the option of returning their gadgets to us for more exhaustive assessment or obtaining a total repayment if we fail to find a alternative to the technical trouble.

Moreover, our firm has the best turnover time of all like companies in Malaysia. We cherish your time here. We will collect, restore and hand over your iPhone 4S back to you normally in just 60 minutes or less!

Concurrently, the organization practices eco-friendly concepts. One of the examples of its green principle is the just about no use of paper. In place of documenting on paper, facts is entered into computers and rather than printed-out bills, clients will have them by way of e-mail.

Our shops are situated in eCurve, Petaling Jaya and the Village Mall in Sungai Petani if you are in need of our services for your problematic iPhone 4S.

We will have your iPhone 4S working as good as new in t


he quickest achievable time!


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